Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Restore beauty and prolong the life of your hardwood floors. This ready-to-use, water-based cleaner is excellent for commercial, residential or sport and gym floors. 


Dry mop the floor with an untreated dust mop as needed. For daily cleaning, spray dust mop with cleaner and maneuver mop along floor to attract dust in walking areas and under furniture. Respray mop as needed so that the mop does not dry out while cleaning. For stubborn stains or spills, spray cleaner on the stain and allow to penetrate for 5 seconds (Puddled cleaner may cause loss of gloss if left on the floor too long). Wipe dry and repeat if necessary.


Dip untreated cotton towels in bucket of cleaner. Wring towel before placing flat on floor. Place push broom on towel one foot from leading edge and fold leading edge over the top of push broom. Push towel 1/2 of the length of the floor. Then lift and move push broom back on towel about six inches so that only a clean portion of the towel is on top or behind the broom bristles. Repeat procedure at each 1/2 of the floor. Repeat the process until there is not a clean edge on the towel. At that point, turn the towel over and continue. When towel becomes dirty or dry, replace with new clean towel. Never dip dirty towel in cleaning solution. Continue cleaning with fresh towels until entire floor has been tacked. If floor still appears dirty it may be necessary to tack again with the cleaner. Floor should be dry within minutes of application.


We guarantee this product to perform as advertised when applied in accordance with industry standards. Because surface preparation, application methods, and surface conditions are beyond our control, all express and implied warranties are explicitly excluded. Responsibility for claim of any kind is limited to product replacement only.


Do not use dust mop treatments or floor cleaners that contain wax, paraffin, silicone, and mineral oil. Do not use pre-treated dust mops. Use of these products can cause adhesion problems when recoating the floor. Never use power scrubbers or automatic floor cleaning machines that disperse water on the floor (especially water under pressure). The use of scrubber machines will void the warranty on your floor. Dirt, sand, and grit will dull and accelerate the wear of the finish. Removing any sand or grit will extend the life of the floor. Place floor mats or rugs at all entryways, bathroom exits, and other high traffic areas to reduce excessive dirt or moisture. Spills or liquids on the floor should be wiped up immediately.

Craftsman's Choice Hardwood Floor Cleaner safely and effectively removes dirt and film from commercial, residential, gym & sport floors. It can be used for daily and weekly maintenance, spot cleaning, and routine cleaning before and after activities. It also helps reduce “slick” floors caused by buildup of dust, perspiration, and oil-based cleaners.

Available in 6-qt cases and 4-gallon cases.