Return Policy does not process refunds or accept returns on products for any reason other than products that are damaged during transit.

Should you have damaged product or shortages, we ask that you properly document the incident on the delivery receipt and contact us immediately so we can expedite your reshipment.

Inspect Your Shipment Before Accepting 

1. Count all pieces
2. Check for damage before you sign your delivery bill. This includes all cases, pails, misc. boxes, etc.
3. Number of pieces you count should match count on packing slip.
4. If all is intact, sign the delivery receipt.


In Case of Missing or Damaged Product

* Remember, you can always refuse a damaged shipment and have the driver take it back. *
  1. If you are short product or there is damage, MAKE NOTE OF THIS ON DELIVERY RECEIPT AND BE SURE DRIVER SIGNS IT AS WELL.
  2. Call us at 800-421-7319 and report the damage or shortage.
  3. We will ask for the information you documented on the delivery receipt.
  4. We will handle claim with the freight lines.
  5. If you are not sure what to do about a shipment, call us while the driver is still there and we will walk you through it.


  • Case(s) of cleaner damaged and leaking – Refuse to accept shipment and note reason on delivery receipt
  • Case(s) of cleaner missing from shipment – Driver made aware and noted on delivery receipt



We are not able to handle the claim or reship to the customer when that customer designates their shipment be delivered without a signature. Any damage or shortage will be the responsibility of the customer.


We realize that it takes time to check in and count your shipment, but that's the easiest way to eliminate an oversight of shortages or damages.